Real facts and accurate information free from pretense and deceit are the right of every sales professional. With success as the goal, it is without question that a sales professional deserves to be confident not only in the products offered but in the company represented.

The system for calculating and paying commissions and incentives is clearly explained and meticulously practiced. Changes are fully disclosed in a timely manner and are never retroactive. With a stable compensation plan, sales professionals are free to focus on creating wealth for themselves and their company.

As the sales professional creates recurring revenue for a company over the term of a contract, the sales professional should receive on-going residual compensation or the equivalent from that revenue. After vesting, sales professionals should have an ownership stake in continuing residual income no matter where their paths take them.

Affordable life, medical and dental insurance cover unexpected and possibly catastrophic expenses in life. A 401(k) program and, when possible, company contributions help the sales professional build a retirement fund for a secure future.

Product and sales training provide a foundation for success. Hands-on support and education from a direct manager, including joint calls and problem resolution, increase the sales professional’s opportunity for success.

There should be no limit on the amount of compensation the sales professional can earn. Success, even of an extraordinary nature, should be compensated according to the sales compensation model. The goal should be to exceed expectations, not limit them.

Successful sales professionals schedule their work to maximize sales activities and to accommodate personal and family issues. A flexible work schedule can be the most effective path to long-term success.

Commissions, incentives and other compensation should be promptly paid and never retroactively negotiable. Mortgages, tuition and daily expenses don’t wait; neither should a sales professional wait to receive their rightfully earned compensation.

Sales tools include a customer management system, leads that are properly vetted, and the ability to use state-of-the-art equipment with which to access this information. Enabling the sales professional’s efficiency and effectiveness should be of highest priority.

Achievement awards and promotion opportunities should be integral to any sales program. Award and promotion programs accelerate achievement and professional growth.

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Merchant Bill of Rights

In addition to the Sales Professional Bill of Rights, Heartland established a Merchant Bill of Rights for business owners to promote fairness and transparency in credit, debit and prepaid card processing.